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  1. Could I add something to your

    Seed Funding to develop Climate Change Intelligent Aide. Climate monitoring for everyone
    My name is Robin Haberman, Acting Project Manager of the GMIBS Project. I’ve contacted you about my project and our prototype product, Climate Change Intelligent Aide (CCIA). Today we’re launching a 30 day crowd funding campaign to seed fund the creation of our initial CCIA prototype and testbed. I’d like to tell you more about the project and our crowd funding efforts. Thank you in advance for your help and support. Together, we’ll help communities around the world fight climate change on their own terms.
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    Thank you, Robin Haberman

  2. Hi !
    My name is Patricia and I would like to thank you for your blog! I admire and appreciate how you inspire the others towards a more sustainable behaviour. I have always been interested about this topic and this summer, finally, I will have an opportunity to really make an impact. I am honoured to have been chosen to participate in an environmental Arctic expedition to learn what society could do to combat climate change and spread this knowledge upon my arrival. I would like to know if you would be interested in joining me in this initiative and helping me to communicate about the project and crowdfunding that I am organising to be able to participate. In return to mentioning my crowdfunding in your post, I would, of course, talk about your blog on my Fb page and web site. In addition I can offer you a reward worth 100€ in my crowdfunding (opportunity to ask a question to one of the leaders of the Expedition, my travel e-book, breathtaking photos from the Arctic…* you will find more information on my crowdfunding page:

    Here are the links to my web site and FB page:,

    I am sending also a short document explaining more about the expedition in the attachment.

    Thank you for letting me know if you are interested in this cooperation.

    Best regards