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Dale Lanan (January 29, 2013)The speed of the methane release coming won't allow time for gradual change to confront the perfect storm. Abrupt Climate Change needs a worldwide immediate response or shift to take place to hope to keep global warming from going to full out CH4 runaway.
Elements of a fee and rebate plan can help keep peace and as a way for public input to set value determinations or gradations but a wide deliberate act is necessary quickly worldwide to stop corruption.
Otherwise best plans won't work. (HCFC22 byproduct manufacture example, US ALEC gov/corp law outfit example, US Congress prime example)
A transition needs to occur to get ahead of hell storm. 
Change of monetary value to link currency with how useful it is through its use toward keeping Earth alive would change the world.
The gray market and that of underworld banking too.. And the Religious lending markets of far off places.. 
The dominance of Wall Street gavel gold diggers too. Derivative bets on risk need curtailment. Hedging needs curtailment, and hoarding too..
The Internet is essential for people to see the big picture of what scientists say is needed and how it can be reached; But only in our dreams unless we act with speed and get idea out there to systemically alter monetary worth to remove temptation and ability to corrupt the intent of the plan to save Earth. It would level the playing field and through use of internet let good ideas flow to the fore. It would let input be made into decisions concerning an basis of local monetary determinations to be made.
Somewhat anonymous in nature and yet quite transparent too at the same time. -but free.. and fun.. and with teeth to keep people safe from harm maybe too on occasion.
There are over 200 countries in the world and 7b people and many feel they will be forgotten.
That needs to be protected against and a stand needs to be made to protect not only the Earth, but the least among us and we need to do this and act fast. -Because if food production collapses like it looks like it might do this year and this happens before we have good plan in place chance Earth survives go to zero.. 

ZundapMan (January 29, 2013): IMHO the problem cannot be solved by delegating the allocation of fee revenue to local authorities without an "umbrella" of scientific authoritative impact assessment. Concrete impact measurements and associated re-allocation of fee revenue to "what is working" must be a fundamental principle of the administration of the program.

We have a long history of legislation which turns out to be not what was intended or becomes tilted in the process toward special interests, good or bad that are more articulate, more persistent, more devious, etc. To gain acceptance and maintain widespread public acceptance and support "open evaluation" via a well described, impartial assessment process will be essential. It would help if this process was at the broadest international level as well as within participating nations, states, and localities. 


  1. Igor Stráňai ( - It might be advisable over the Arctic Ocean by air (fleet of aircraft) sprayed chemicals that reacted with CH4 in the atmosphere and reduce its concentration over surface of the Arctic Ocean. The result is that reducing the concentration of CH4 over that area, then more sunlight will be reflected back into space and low CH4 concentration over northern oceans also will not cause the accumulation of warm air towards the ground. This will have the effect of cooling the surface layers of the ocean and the thus cooled surface water masses of the oceans will drop to to the bottom of ocean (the principle of convection) and this is method of cooling the mass of methane hydrates in the bottom of the ocean and avoid them being released because the water of the ocean is hereby cool action

  2. We must drastically cut our C02 emissions but our rulers are still hell bend for more GROWTH!
    How can we get off this GROWTH trap?

    How can we make our rulers who are STILL unresponsive to us & who continue to ignore the warnings from many scientists?

    "Renewables" have been shown to just increase the carbon we are adding to the atmosphere & we cannot replace a resource with technology that's also dependent upon that same resource, those in the rich world must consume less but that will lead to massive unemployment, for a while, we need rationing of fossil resources to force people to use less, we must change our agricultural system from this very wasteful factory farming that's so energy intensive to sustainable organic farming but that will lead to billions of human deaths, but it still must be done as population collapse will still occur anyway as we are far into population overshoot.

    Most of all we need sex education & FREE BIRTH CONTROL & ABORTIONS! We MUST STOP HUMAN POPULATION GROWTH or everything else we do will be wasted.

    It's our cancerous growth that is destroying this unique planet of life, this growth must be stopped or "nature" will do it for us through starvation, disease & war.